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Be Prepared When The Moment Strikes

Is your fire department looking to set up a uniform program to keep your team safe and looking professional? Unlike our fully-custom web portals, our portal, vfd.andersonuniformstores.com, can be tailored to fit your specific departments needs. We currently service Harrisburg, Boone, Wesley Chapel, Cornelius, and more. We're happy to help get you on this list too!

Stay in Control of What You Need

Our sites allow for a lot of control from your end. We can offer features such as:
-Admin-style access to place orders for your employees

-Detailed sales reports to keep track of what is being ordered

-Providing budgets to employees who are new and need uniforms

-And much more

Want to learn more? Contact us at info@andersonuniform.com for more information!


Anderson Uniform Stores
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